Emboldened by Trump, some police unions seek to overhaul Obama’s reforms
16:16 - 30.01.2017 -

Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, had a blunt message for Donald Trump during a meeting in September: court-ordered reforms aimed at curbing police abuses in the midwestern city are not working. Loomis and two other attendees said Trump seemed receptive to Loomis’s concerns that federally monitored police reforms introduced during the

Under scrutiny, Trump decides to dissolve his foundation
20:20 - 26.12.2016 -

U.S President-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday he intends to dissolve his charitable foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which has been under investigation by the New York attorney general. Trump gave no timeline for winding down the foundation, but said in a statement that he wanted “to avoid even the appearance of any conflict

12:12 - 22.12.2016 -

Turkish prosecutors are investigating why the off-duty policeman who shot dead Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was not captured alive, state media said on Wednesday, as the number of people arrested over the killing rose to 11. Ambassador Andrei Karlov was gunned down from behind while delivering a speech in an Ankara art gallery on Monday.

Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking – sources
14:14 - 13.12.2016 -

The overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have not embraced a CIA assessment that Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election, three American officials said on Monday. While the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) does not dispute the CIA’s analysis of Russian hacking operations,

In Trump stronghold, factories are humming but paychecks are thin
13:13 - 09.12.2016 -

When President-elect Donald Trump returns to this factory town on Friday for a victory celebration, he will find a region that is already experiencing the manufacturing renaissance he promised on the campaign trail. With local factories employing more workers than any time since the late 1990s, assembly line jobs are not hard to find. Those

Trump complains in tweets about Chinese policy after Taiwan call raises hackles
8:08 - 05.12.2016 -

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump complained about Chinese economic and military policy on Twitter on Sunday, showing no signs of a conciliatory approach after a phone conversation with Taiwan’s president raised hackles in Beijing. Trump’s unusual call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday prompted a diplomatic protest with the United States on Saturday, although Vice

Putin curbs anti-Western rhetoric, says wants to get on with Trump
16:16 - 01.12.2016 -

President Vladimir Putin struck an unusually conciliatory tone in his annual state of the nation address on Thursday, saying Moscow wanted to get on with the incoming U.S. administration and was looking to make friends not enemies. Putin has used previous set-piece speeches to lash out at the West and the United States in particular,

Trump to pick Seema Verma for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: transition official
14:14 - 29.11.2016 -

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is set to name Indiana health policy consultant Seema Verma as his pick for administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a transition official told Reuters on Monday. Trump is expected to officially announce his selection of Verma and Republican U.S. Representative Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon who he

Clinton team to take part in U.S. state vote recount, Trump blasts effort
9:09 - 27.11.2016 -

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign will take part in a recount of Wisconsin votes in the U.S. presidential race, an effort Republican winner Donald Trump called “ridiculous” on Saturday. Wisconsin’s election board on Friday approved the recount requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. She has said she wants to guarantee the integrity of the U.S.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro made revolutionary mark on history
9:09 - 27.11.2016 -

The son of a wealthy landowner, Fidel Castro turned his back on a life of privilege to lead a left-wing revolution in Cuba that endured for decades and was shaped by his political cunning, keen sense of destiny and boundless ego. Castro, who has died at the age of 90, was at once idealistic and

Trump: The Unconventional Candidate Looks to Conventional Economic Team
14:14 - 11.11.2016 -

Donald Trump was an unconventional candidate, but now that he’s been elected president he’s assembling a fairly conventional Cabinet of key economic advisers plucked right from the Republican mainstream, the Fox Business Network has learned. People inside the Trump camp say the President-elect has signaled he wants to select billionaire financier Wilbur Ross as his

Riot declared in Oregon as anti-Trump demonstrators damage cars, buildings
14:14 - 11.11.2016 -

Police in Portland, Ore. declared that a once peaceful protest was a riot after demonstrators were seen attacking drivers and committing acts of vandalism during their march against Donald Trump’s election Thursday night. Portland police said at least 29 people were arrested in the riot and that more information would be given on the charges

Transition Begins With Trump Keeping Journalists in the Dark
14:14 - 11.11.2016 -

Donald Trump is keeping Americans in the dark about his earliest conversations and decisions as president-elect, bucking a long-standing practice intended to ensure the public has a watchful eye on its new leader. Trump on Thursday refused to allow journalists to travel with him to Washington for his historic first meetings with President Barack Obama

Clinton gets boost from FBI as tight White House race hits final day
12:12 - 07.11.2016 -

Democrat Hillary Clinton heads into the final day of a tight White House race against Republican Donald Trump on Monday with new momentum after the FBI’s announcement that no criminal charges were forthcoming in the probe of her email practices. Both Clinton and Trump will spend the day racing across a handful of key battleground

Commentary: Don’t be so sure Russia hacked the Clinton emails
19:19 - 02.11.2016 -

Last summer, cyber investigators plowing through the thousands of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee uncovered a clue. A user named “Феликс Эдмундович” modified one of the documents using settings in the Russian language. Translated, his name was Felix Edmundovich, a pseudonym referring to Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, the chief of the Soviet Union’s first

Trump’s campaign should be fair game in Trump University trial: lawyers
19:19 - 02.11.2016 -

Statements Donald Trump has made during his presidential run should generally be admissible in an upcoming civil trial over alleged fraud at his Trump University venture, lawyers for the plaintiffs said in a court filing late on Tuesday. Some of the statements by the Republican nominee may be helpful to jurors as they try to

Hillary Clinton: Wall Street’s favorite enemy
19:19 - 02.11.2016 -

Hillary Clinton began her presidential campaign by promising to do what it takes to rein in Wall Street. Boosted by Wall Street’s toughest critics, U.S. senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate has declared “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” and said she would raise bank fees

Shi’ite militias launch offensive to seal off western Mosul
15:15 - 29.10.2016 -

Iraqi Shi’ite militias said on Saturday they had launched an offensive towards the west of Mosul, an operation that would tighten the noose around Islamic State’s Iraq stronghold but could inflame sectarian tension in the mainly Sunni region. The battle for Mosul is expected to be the biggest in the 13 years of turmoil unleashed

Clinton email problem resurfaces as FBI announces review
15:15 - 29.10.2016 -

The FBI is investigating more emails as part of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system, it said on Friday, in a new twist that could damage the Democratic candidate in the 2016 presidential race. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said in a letter to senior lawmakers that the

UK banks fear public, politicians set against them on Brexit
15:15 - 25.10.2016 -

For decades, Britain’s bankers have relied on their industry’s outsized status in the economy to find a receptive ear in government. But in the aftermath of the country’s vote to leave the European Union, the sector that generates about a tenth of national economic output is grappling with an uncomfortable new reality where economics doesn’t